Unit 8: Overview

Celluform is an injectable treatment of 12 alfa-dihyroxy, 5bta, 24-ocio cholinic acid sodium salts, which is a modified compound of cholinic acid. It is not a simple solution of deoxycholate. It is being marketed for ‘aqualysis’ or ‘aquaplasty’ treatment as a means of body contouring. This is a form of injection lipolysis, lipotherapy or instalipotherapy.

Celluform was developed to treat localised pockets of fat underneath the surface of the skin. It can be used she’s fat pockets on the back, chain, stomach, underneath the buttocks, hips, thighs and knees. It can also be used to treat pseudo-gynaecomastia, the development of fatty tissue around the nipple, resulting in a breast like appearance in men, (due to weight gain rather than the growth of actual breast tissue as seen in genuine male gynaecomastia.

Clinical data shows that the application of Celluform is effective and safe, leading to an increasingly contoured appearance. It can be used to treat small, exercise resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. It is very effective for body contouring but is not a treatment for weight loss.

How the treatment is preformed

  • Complete consultation (Blood pressure, glucose test) clients expectations. 
  • Contraindications
  • Before Picture.
  • Draw up your product using a sterile 1ml Syringe.
  • Ensure the treatment area is clean
  • Apply topical cream if required
  • Measure treatment area (your trainer will demonstrate this) 1.5 cm apart, draw a grid.
  • In each square add 1/3 units.
  • Talk client through aftercare and healthy lifestyle.

Using a thin flexible needle, Celluform is injected directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue. Celluform contains a local anaesthetic making the treatment more comfortable. The treatment may then be followed by external ultrasound to enhance the effects of the treatment.

Each area to be treated as requires 2 injections comma and a series of 2-5 treatments will be required at 3-week intervals. Pressure garments may need to be worn to enhance the effects of the treatment for short periods of time.

Results take 2-4 months to be fully realised as the fat cells that have been destroyed slowly flush out of the system by the liver and kidneys into urine, this method means there is no change to the blood cholesterol.