Reporting of Incidents Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences

Under RIDDOR death and injuries are required to be reported only when:

The death or injury was accident-related or it was a work-related accident or the injury is legally reportable. RIDDOR defines an accident as a separate unidentifiable and unidentified incident that results in physical injury.

It specifically includes non-consensual acts of violence against people in the workplace.

These are work-related injuries reportable under RIDDOR:

  1. The death of any person as a result of injuries from workers
  2. Worker injuries with at least seven-day incapacitation
  3. Non-worker injuries that lead to them requiring immediate hospital attention or any specified injuries to non-workers occurring on hospital premises

So, let us recap.


  • Must provide and maintain required health and safety standards while providing proper supervision and training at the workplace
  • Must provide documented risk assessment as well as a safety policy.


  • Must conduct themselves safely and knowledgeable without putting themselves at risk while at the workplace
  • The law effectively applies to everyone in a workplace and are therefore liable to prosecution if they are found to be in breach of this act.
  • Must cooperate with their employers to ensure optimal compliance with the required health and safety standards.