Legionella Copy

Legionella Pneumophila is a bacteria which causes Legionella infection. This bacteria mostly live in ponds and rivers, hence may pollute water bodies. The growth and development of legionella are supported by low temperatures, algae, scale, rust and other bacteria.

The legionella survives in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees C to 45 degrees Celsius. Temperature higher than that will automatically kill the bacteria. Employers need to be aware that Legionella is likely to affect the employees and the public. Therefore, an employer must protect an employee and the people against the risks emanating from Legionella by taking the necessary precautionary measures. This is per the general health and safety legislation.

Most hospitals have put in place precautionary measures against Legionella. Some of the measures taken up include conducting water checks daily. Besides, a maintenance contractor should be on standby in case maintenance services are needed.