Enforcement and Offences Copy

Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008

This act further defined penalties and as well empowered the courts with revised sentencing powers to be applied to those found to be in breach of the health and safety at work act. It states:

  • A maximum fine of 20,000 pounds imposed by a lower court for most health and safety offenders
  • Both lower and higher courts as well have an imprisonment sentencing option for healthy and safety offences found to be deserving.
  • Selected offences tribal previously only in the lower courts are now of the same standard in either the lower or higher courts.


Manufacturers, learning institutions, repairs and service providers like hospitals and power stations, shall be overseen for lawful compliance by inspectors from the health and safety Executive, otherwise abbreviated to HSE.

Environmental Health Officers Regulate

Commercial venues including hospitals, shops, nursing homes, offices and leisure facilities.

Fire Officers

Responsible for overseeing fire safety compliance in all places with the this requirement

Accidents at Work

Every and all accidents that occur at a workplace must be reported to the line manager. All health-related incidents associated with the workplace must be reported to the line manager. Any damage, near miss or impending danger that could potentially lead to injury or damage, are all classified as accidents. Subject to local policies and procedures, all incidents are required to be verifiable recorded.

Violent incidents and verbal threats alike are incidents considered under this act.