Employer & Employee Duties Copy

Employer Duties

Subject to being applicable where reasonably possible, these protective duties must be reasonably proportionate to the risk at hand:

  1. To ensure and maintain the health, safety and welfare of the staff
  2. To avail and maintain safe working equipment as well as maintain a safe working environment
  3. Safe logistical handling while handling, storing and transporting articles and substances
  4. Safe entrance and exit for convenient access to workplace
  5. Run effective and frequent risk assessments to minimise hazards
  6. Effective training and staff consultations where necessary
  7. Appropriate facilitation of workplace

Employee Duties

  1. All employees are bound to Common Law and duty that requires them to always observe care as employees. It is, therefore, a prerequisite for them to maintain reasonable care and skill to the best of their knowledge while associating with their colleagues and employers.
  2. The health and safety at work Act 1974 as well require all employees to observe reasonable care with regard to health and safety as much for themselves as they should everyone else at a workplace.
  3. These legal requirements of a workplace apply to the extent of due employer/employee cooperation. Employees are required to act without prejudice in embracing established workplace health and safety measures.
  4. Subject to a breach of the health and safety at work Act 1974 by an employee at a workplace, a fine may be required as payment on conviction.
  5. Dismissal from employment could as well be a consequence of a breach of this act if it is established that an employee has breached their contractual obligations requiring them to honour workplace safety and health regulations. This is applicable where employees have been duly and adequately notified of their specific duties with this regard and provided with the necessary equipment to facilitate health and safety protocol observation, and that breach of this contractual obligation could lead to dismissal.