PRP Kits


What’s in the PRP Kits?

The PRP HD Kit includes 2 PRP HD Tubes. The PRP HD Tube is a 10 ml vacuumed tube which includes 1 ml of anticoagulant. The PRP Tube is sterile and does not contain Ficoll or gel. The PRP HD Tubes are nonhemolytic and non-pyrogenic. It is recommended that 2 ml of PRP is harvested from each PRP HD Tube, which will equal 4 ml of PRP from 2 (two) PRP HD Tubes.

The PRP HD kit includes 1 PRP HD Re-Suspension Tube in each kit. It is a 5 ml volume sterile tube. The tube is non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic. A total of 4 ml of PRP is collected in the 5 ml PRP HD Re-suspension tube and the recommended process is to gently turn and twist the tube for 30 seconds to 1 minute to prevent any clumping of the PRP, which may have occurred during the spin cycle.

There are 2 sterile syringes in each kit, one 5 ml and one 1 ml. The 5 ml syringe is used to collect the PRP and transfer the PRP to the PRP HD Re-Suspension tube. The 1 ml syringe is used to inject the PRP into the patient. There are 3 sterile needles in each kit. One long needle, one 21 G needle and a 30 G needle. The long needle is used to harvest the PRP from the PRP HD Tube and to transfer the PRP from the PRP HD Tube to the PRP Re Suspension Tube. The 21 G needle is used to harvest the resuspended PRP inside from the HD Re Suspension Tube. The 30G needle is used for injecting the PRP into the treatment area.


There is a 2 piece Phlebotomy set in the kit, which is used for drawing blood from the patient into the PRP HD Tube.
No other equipment is needed to draw blood from the patient.