Lips Advanced Masterclass


Lips are a big deal and our clients demand perfection every time.
During this Masterclass you will learn all the tips and tricks from one of the Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetics Leaders allowing you to perform the prefect lip treatment for every client.
If you feel it’s your turn to stand out from the crowd and shine this is the course for you!

During this masterclass, you will learn to understand advanced facial balance and harmony and different lip shapes. We will discuss and appreciate multiple techniques of lip enhancement, appreciate and gain the knowledge of the different types of fillers for the lip region.

This masterclass will also cover complications which can occur during lip treatments and how to manage these complications.

This masterclass consist of a practical training day, shadowing and demonstrating on live models.

This is a medic only course and will require admin approval

Lip fillers are the most sought after treatment in Aesthetics. However, it is also a treatment that is often done wrong with many injectors overfilling this area. As different lip shapes suit different face shapes, it is crucial to understand facial balance and harmony when treating the lips and the perioral region to ensure natural-looking results.

The training day will focus solely on patient analysis, choice of products and different injection techniques, including our very own unique techniques. Injections involving cannulas and needles will be covered. We keep the number of delegates to a minimum to ensure that each delegate gets enough practical experience on the day.

This masterclass is for advanced level aesthetic practitioners from a medical background only. Please do not enrol if you are a non-medic.

This is a medic only course and will require admin approval