Jett Plasma Pen Training


Jett Plasma is the worlds only Advanced Direct Current Plasma Pen. Due to its patented DC technology it is known as the safety plasma pen in the world. This course is split in to two sections with online theory and a life training day.

Our CPD accredited 30 hour course will teach you everything including all relevant A&P and treatment protocols needed to safely and competently deliver this treatment within your clinic.

The mininum requirements for this course is Level 3 beauty.

Jett Plasma is the worlds number one plasma pen for stability and precision. Its unique Direct Current Technology allows you to control both the depth of skin penetration and the dot size which can not be achieved with AC plasma pens in the market.

During our comprehensive training you will learn everything you need to know to be able to perform the Jett Plasma Lift and the NO PAIN NO DOWNTIME Plasma Push treatments within your clinic.

Machine training should be provided for free by your machine manufacture as every device varies in settings. If purchasing a the Jett Medical or Jett Proffi Plasma Pens you will be refunded for this course and a receive a full manufactures training day.

This training course includes online training + 1 day practical training day, in order to organise this please email us on


This training does NOT include the Plasma Pen


30 CPD Hours