Jaw & Chin Dermal Filler Masterclass


The Jaw and chin line make an instant transformation to the face when executed properly.

These amazing treatments makes a huge difference to your client’s confidence and how others may view them. It is one treatment that leaves others knowing your client looks amazing but puzzled at what has changed.

Often overlooked by many practitioners VinDoc Aesthetics know this will be the must have treatment in 2020.

During this masterclass we will cover techniques to safely sculpt the lower face, contour the jawline and augment the chin using a combination of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The combination of treatment modalities allows you to create defined jawlines in your patients.

Throughout this masterclass, you will learn how to choose the right filler for the right patient and gain awareness of the anatomy and the idealized proportions of the lower face. ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’ using botulinum toxin to lift neck bands will also be included.

This training will be a 1 day masterclass shadowing and demonstrating on live models.

This is a medic only course and will require admin approval


Chin and jawline should be considered together when treating the lower third of the face, as enhancements of both regions can make dramatic changes to the face (both frontal view and profile). This masterclass will cover anatomy of the lower face, physiology of ageing, as well as a multi-layered approach to revolumisation and sculpting with dermal fillers.

The training day will focus solely on patient analysis, choice of products and injection techniques. Injections involving cannulas and needles will be covered. We keep the number of delegates to a minimum to ensure that each delegate gets enough practical experience on the day.

This class is for advanced level aesthetic practitioners from a Medical background only. Please do not enrol if you are a non-medic.

This is a medic only course and will require admin approval